The Secret Textoso Line: Rules & Observations

Frogman Friday

#frogman the 13th, 2012.

Historically, Friday the 13th has been categorized as a day of great misfortune amongst the Western peoples of the world.  On this unholiest of days, however, Petros & Money swam against the current of destiny and blessed the legions of #greatsportstalk listeners with the opportunity of a lifetime:  a chance at the secret textoso line.

Followers of the show are no doubt aware of the ol’ P’s track record when it comes to the barrage of texts and calls that he receives after the number has been revealed.  Stories abound of phones flying into the wall as a result of the regret and disappointment Petros feels with humanity’s inability to comprehend directions.

Today was no different.

For those of you lucky or diligent enough to have planned for today’s momentous unveiling, you must acknowledge that with great textoso privileges come great responsibility.  By choosing to store the secret textoso into your contacts, you are agreeing to abide by the following rules (#followtherules):

1.  No threats.

2.  Do NOT text (or call) Petros during any football game he is covering (usually on Saturdays).

2.  Do NOT call and/or leave voicemails.  The ol’ P will not answer and he does not check his messages.

Aside from that, anything goes.  Just make sure you’re selective with your “Son!”-ing of Petros.



3 thoughts on “The Secret Textoso Line: Rules & Observations

  1. so how can i get the secret textoso line number??? I realize it wouldn’t be much of a secret if you just gave it out to any and every one but there are multiple times when I’m listening that I want to send a text in. If I promise to abide by the rules and not text every stupid thought that crosses my mind, can I be blessed with the knowledge that is the Secret Textoso Line? Also, I promise not to give it out to anyone.

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